About us

Supporting an ecosystem that supports you to scale up your business!

TechConnex is the only member-directed industry association in the GTA entirely focused on the cost effective growth of tech businesses and their people through the sharing of best practices, business insights and bright ideas.

The Success you Leverage From the Network is Part of the Value Generated by TechConnex.

Take advantage of the strength and network of our 35-year history; with a reach extending throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With over 200 member companies, TechConnex provides a unique opportunity to interact with many senior people who have experienced scale up challenges similar to yours - in revenues, markets, leadership and staffing.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Opportunity
Our members are at the forefront when it comes to obtaining information, insight and action on matters of importance to SME growth companies in the technology cluster. TechConnex continues to be a strong voice for everyone in the GTA tech cluster - supporting business developers, innovators, suppliers, and providers and post-secondary research institutions - all in support of a strong scale up ecosystem.

Whether it's management, sales or marketing training; or broad trade and government issues, together we will get your needs addressed at TechConnex. We are making things happen for you.

Learning - Tech Executives are purpose-driven. Use your time in a way that helps best grow your business. Focus on issues that matter most to you. Learn what you need to at TechConnex programs and events uniquely developed for the technology leader!
Leverage - You recognize the value in collaboration when it comes to competing in the global marketplace. Participate in the exclusive TechConnex Peer Groups to exchange information relevant to your business growth.
Leadership - Be up-to-date on developments in the business and the technology of the cluster. Be part of a vibrant business ecosystem. Network, develop your people and your business, and use TechConnex to help represent the needs of the cluster.