TechConnex is a dynamic member driven community offering opportunities for peer education, networking and knowledge sharing to develop your business and your people.

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I’ve been a member of TechConnex coming up to ten years and it’s one of those peer group organizations that never gets old. There’s takeaway value from every meeting whether it’s for the business or inspiration from a member’s story. Thank you TechConnex for being an essential part of my journey.

Amazing place for personal and professional development. The ROI for Membership is amazing.

Maureen Campbell, Flashlite Benefits
RICE Fx has been a member of TechConnex for the past 3 years. As a business we have gained great value in both the educational sessions as well as the many amazing people we have connected with over that time.
Our staff have benefited greatly from the Peer Groups, in particular the Sales Peer Group with John Montgomery & the CEO Peer group with Barry Fairhurst & Ryan Ellis.
RICE Fx has been able to grow our business by helping the members of TechConnex and their networks.
Graham Richardson, RICE Fx

I think TechConnex is one of the best things we have in our industry in Toronto

Owen Ferry, AMD

I’ve been joining the Peer Groups at TechConnex for around a year now. I really enjoy my time during the webinars. They offer a great opportunity to learn from many experts in the field and grow your network.

Rami Saab, D2R Collect
The soft launch of my startup can honestly be accredited to TechConnex and the networking opportunities that it provided for me. Through numerous virtual networking sessions, not only did I become more comfortable and confident discussing my venture, but I obtained invaluable advice and insight from professionals with years of experience across various industries. 
As a first-time entrepreneur, I didn’t have very many connections in the field that I was trying to pursue. This proved to be quite an obstacle for finding early adopters in the beginning stages of my startup. Luckily, after finding TechConnex and through the kindness of fellow members, I was referred to multiple people who have since become clients and valued stakeholders. 
Through the array of topics and discussions provided in their sessions, TechConnex has created a true sense of community, comprised of professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life. The genuine interest and support of the board as well as its members has resulted in a nurturing environment that not only contributes to members’ success, but celebrates it. 
Janelle Bernard, GiveRise

I never leave without having learnt something. Great place to learn and network.

Chris Rathgeber, Memofix

Quality events cover almost every aspect of business. Great learning, sharing and networking experience!!

Carol Cao, Fotonz Inc.

TechConnex runs peer groups for just about anyone who wants to learn from their peers and business colleagues about their challenges and successes. It is a great place to meet new people and partners, learn from peers who have first hand knowledge, and broaden your network and connections.

Doug Weir, Alpha Insights
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