TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2021, 8:30am – 9:30am –

Leadership takes guts. Courage. A willingness to put yourself out there, take ownership and not concern yourself with what others think, so that you can do the right thing. And keep doing it!

People say “Dare to dream, if you dream it you can do it”. However, dreaming is easy. Without courage to take action, you achieve nothing. Do you dream of taking charge of a project, leading a team, making a difference in how something is done? Do you dream of impacting your team, manager, organization or clients in new ways? Do you dream of being seen as a LEADER?

Join us on Tues. June 15 for the Skills for Leaders Peer Group and learn how to DARE to be a LEADER. Learn to leverage the 5 steps in the DARE Roadmap to dream, act, be relentless, embrace the unknown and empower others, so that you can be the leader you know, deep down, that you are.