Dealing with purchasing. Buyers icing you with manipulative tactics. Tricky objections. Trying to focus the discussion on value versus price.

Nothing about sales negotiation is easy, and it often ends with you accepting a deal at unfavorable terms, losing at the last minute when the deal falls apart, or losing to competition when you shouldn’t have.

If you want to avoid these challenges, and win sales at favorable terms and pricing, you need a proven framework for negotiation success.

Learn about the 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation, the same framework RAIN Group uses to help its clients navigate all types and sizes of negotiation conversations.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to move discussions away from price and towards value
  • Why you shouldn’t check your emotions at the door
  • The most powerful negotiation tool in any seller’s arsenal
  • The secret to anticipating 90% or more of what you might face in a negotiation
  • The one question you shouldn’t ask in sales negotiations

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