Heather Gamble began her career in sales at the age of 8 – selling girl guide cookies.

Forty – eight years later she is still at it.
Heather sold cell phones in the 80’s when they cost $5k and were considered a passing fad: “They won’t last” – then videoconferencing, another passing fad, for $200K.  Proving that she could sell anything to anybody Heather reached the position of VP of Sales and Marketing at AT&T at the age of 32, climbing the corporate ladder more quickly than most.

After an illustrious corporate career, leading profit and loss for several early adopting technologies in large and small start-ups, Heather leapt feet first into the entrepreneurial arena and launched her first business that specialized in client acquisition for various corporate technology and financial giants in North America.  Clients included:  Shaw, Telus, Qwest & Scotiabank and many others.

Less than 2% of entrepreneurs exceed 1 million in annual revenue – Heather achieved it in less than 18 months.
After taking a hiatus to spend some time raising her son she realized that a long awaited phenomenon was happening.  More people were opting out of corporate lifestyles and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and yet, the entrepreneurial failure rates were staying the same.  Many were failing and failing fast.

“Without Sales, there is no business.” Mark Cuban and Heather Gamble.

Most fail in entrepreneurial ventures due to lack of revenue, lack of sales leadership and overall lack of “go to market” understanding. Heather knew an answer. Teach entrepreneurs how to become market ready, sales ready and then apply, apply, apply. With the right foundation in place, entrepreneurs across all sectors can drive a million in annual growth, within 3 – 5 years.

Five years ago, Heather opened Women on the Move as a business accelerator to move 10,000 women entrepreneurs onto their million dollar path. Through the Moving to a Million program, entrepreneurs develop their strategy, operational tactics and work with their Adviser to start and build a sustainable revenue stream. Moving to a Million’s first client started at $300K and will finish this year at $4M, annual revenue. Women on the Move continues to specialize in women entrepreneurs in STEM related businesses.


Heather is excited to share her journey, the real ups and downs for every career woman in Tech looking to live their best work life!!

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