Blockchain is well known for its ability to decentralise power and control. Prediction markets are a lesser-known but powerful application of Blockchain leveraging insights from the crowd for decision-making. The concept takes a novel approach departing from traditional analytics and AI (which data are coming from the rear-view mirror) to focus on where the puck is going to be. Prediction markets have been proven to be good indicators of future events, such as company performance.

This talk will provide an introduction to prediction markets and how they work under the hood. We’ll dig deeper into some mature technologies such as Gnosis. We’ll discuss key components implemented on the Blockchain such as market makers, as well as the challenges such as providing liquidity and a smooth user experience. Finally, we’ll share some of our experience building prediction markets for Sustainability.Exchange, a Toronto-based startup that has been selected by the UK regulator (FCA).

Speaker: Mark Camball, Metamesh Group

Moderator: Marc Lijour, Metamesh Group


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