The best way to learn is by doing. Whether it is FAB Coin, Bitcoin or Ethereum, the process is the same.  Learn once and know it forever.  As a participant of the session, we will send you real digital currency to the FAB mobile wallet you downloaded. We will walk you through the steps to complete a transaction on the blockchain. In the process, not only will you own a few FAB coins and be an official cryptocurrency user, you will have transacted on the blockchain without sharing any personal information and learn about public and private keys.  FAB coin is the digital currency for Fast Access Blockchain , and it trades on crypto exchanges.

Before the session, download the mobile app either on Android or Apple.

This session will be led by Liza Horowitz, the Chief Information and Marketing Officer at FA Enterprise Systems, the technical partner to Fast Access Blockchain. Liza is a member of the board for the non-profit Global Women in Blockchain, Advisor for Exchangily – a US-based Decentralized Exchange, and Strategic Advisor for SPL Group of Companies, headquartered in Germany.  FA Enterprise Systems is a member of TechConnex and the Markham Board of Trade.