As a Microsoft CSP, Blue Link has access to Microsoft Licenses at a discounted rate and can help your business become more productive with a variety of tools and license management services. This offering is available outside of our core ERP software product.

Whether you already buy licenses from Microsoft or are looking to start new, by switching to Blue Link we can help you…

  • Save money on discounted licenses fees
  • Find the right licenses for your needs based on your requirements (such as email, Office online, collaboration tools, Teams, etc.)
  • Manage your licenses and users (add, remove and change)
  • Migrate your mailboxes from Gmail or another email provider to Microsoft 365 with a business specific domain

If you’re interested in learning more about which tools and licenses could benefit your team, let Samantha Hornby know and she would be happy to schedule a quick call. You can also learn more by visiting BlueLink’s website.

Canadian Microsoft CSP – Blue Link

For more information on this offer, please contact Samantha at:

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