Government grants are funding programs given by the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal agencies that provide money to qualified and approved applicants. These funds are not expected to be repaid, however obligations attached to these programs need to be covered in order to be eligible.

Most frequent government grants programs are
– Exporting
– Training to increase employee skills
– Hiring to expand your workforce

Finding a suitable grant is a task that requires a lot of time and research. Join us as Brian Hartman, President of Business Improvement Group, discusses how your company can benefit from these programs!

For this session we will have a guest speaker, Brian Hartman, from Business Improvement Group. (

About Business Improvement Group:

At Business Improvement Group, our first priority is to work with you to ensure you are gaining the maximum opportunities to maximize your cash flow strategies and not missing out on any opportunities. We maintain a diversified staff that specialize in a range of funding and financing options from grants to cost recovery and financing services. From our free eligibility assessment to the drafting of technical reports, from preparing and submitting the claim to ongoing consultation and support – we’ll do it all – diligently and expertly.