The future of work is experiencing growing pains. Pain for both businesses and knowledge workers comes from the friction associated with identifying, validating, and selecting the right opportunities and resources and the costly mistakes resulting from decisions made too quickly with too little information. If you have experienced this pain, help us make it better by completing the Traustr survey.

The rise of knowledge-based work as the foundation of modern economies has been accompanied by the rise of the independent workforce and small business. The independents’ share of the workforce is expected to double from about 25% today to as much as 50% by 2025. Small and medium sized businesses represent over 95% of all businesses and already generate 30% of Canadian GDP. Adequate support for this change demands better ways to access needed opportunities, resources and services.

As the race for speed, agility, and flexibility continues to accelerate, traditional business systems and processes are not keeping up. The world needs a new generation of tools to allow knowledge workers to team-up and win in today’s rapidly growing market for on-demand and fractional work. Traustr is building infrastructure for the knowledge-based economy. Our mission is to orchestrate and enable this new economy with trust!

The Traustr Promise

Whether you’re a buyer of these services, a newly independent, an experienced consultant, or growing your small business, you need a smart infrastructure that:

  • matches both individual and team capabilities to business needs;
  • accounts for individual interests and personality as well as skills;
  • facilitates the communication between all parties to get business done quickly and efficiently;
  • executes agreements in a transparent and secure way;
  • protects privacy, secures validated personal information, and provides individual control of data;
  • connects the right communities, forums, and interest groups;
  • guarantees payment and mediates disputes;
  • delivers as needed access to benefits, financial, legal, and insurance needs.

Is all of this really possible?

The team at Traustr believes it is. We are a group of experts who think that the time is right to tackle a challenge that will only become greater as the new economy continues to disrupt traditional work relationships.

But we need your help. Please tell us what is most valuable to you by completing your response to the Traustr survey, and contact us to become an early adopter

Let’s build the future of work together!