THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 8:30am – 9:30am –

Would you like to elevate your potential for greater energy, focus and happiness?

Would you love to transcend the stressful circumstances in your day to day life and experience a renewal of enthusiasm and passion for the people and activities you love the most?

Join Shelley Wallace, a Vitality Coach and expert at showing women in high demand careers how to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in stress, worry and overwhelm.  Shelley will walk through 5 Vital Steps to Conquer your Stress!

During this session Shelley will show you:

  • How to end the cycle of overwhelm and worry so you can stop dreading the day and instead confidently face challenges head on.
  • How to design your life the way you want to feel (Even if your work/home life is highly demanding and sucking the life out of you!)
  • The magic key to managing your emotions, avoiding self sabotaging behaviours, and bouncing back from challenging situations with intention and purpose!
  • Her #1 tip to unlock the energy and enthusiasm you need to serve the public and also to enjoy the activities and relationships you value the most by identifying and activating your superpowers (YES! You have them.)
  • How to easily transform how you deal with stress, find the opportunities in any challenge you are facing in your life right now, and elevate your potential for love, joy and success. (Without giving up wine or chocolate)!