Business Transformation through Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Business Transformation is about fundamentally changing the processes, systems, and people across a business to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance. But, what does it really take? Is there a systematic science to transforming performance, or is it simply hard work and smart people?

Come learn about the four-pillar framework that creates accelerated change, and lays the foundation for a high performance company. Drawing from the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge, we’ll discuss some of the key tools that enable each pillar. This fun and interactive session will allow you to assess the gaps in your own organization, and compare notes with others facing similar challenges.

Vani Pasupathy is the General Manager and Principal Consultant at Building Perspective Inc, a consulting firm located in Toronto, Canada that is committed to helping organizations excel through the robust application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Through our workshops, coaching programs, and executive consulting, we have worked with over 100 clients in the past decade to develop sustainable solutions that promote profitability, sustainability and growth.

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