The global pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses with many having to shift their priorities and reduce their resources and budget. On top of that, sellers have been thrust into a virtual selling environment where they can no longer meet with buyers face-to-face to build rapport, discover needs and effectively collaborate to deliver a positive purchase experience.
So, how do sales organizations and individuals overcome these challenges and position themselves for success in the “new normal”? Through this interactive session we will identify some of the key challenges and opportunities for sellers in a virtual environment and discuss what is working and not working in our own sales engagements with the objective of generating new ideas that you can take away and apply to your next virtual sales meeting.
The goal of this year’s Sales Discussion Peer Group is to provide a collaborative environment for shared learning of best practices in sales efficiency, effectiveness, and management. We will explore specific situations or challenges that we may encounter with a discussion around how each participant solves them to maximize every prospect and grow your sales.  Participants will come out of each session with ideas and action items they can take back to the office and apply.
These sessions are facilitated by: John Montgomery of Sales Jump Start