As CTO at Wysdom.AI, Karthik Balakrishnan has over a decade of hands-on experience on enabling emerging technologies at Tier-1 enterprises.
Since the advent of computing, Humans have been fascinated by AI. AI has invariably been portrayed as sentient, super intelligent beings that would one day take over the human race.
For the present however, AI heavily relies on humans to teach it and enterprises are grappling with various stages of adoption. Each and everyone of us have had our share of dealing with bots – from cute to downright annoying. In this talk, Karthik will walk us through the history of AI and zoom in on Conversational AI – a field of AI that allows machines to seamlessly converse with humans. We’ll then focus on the current state of Conversational AI adoption and then look at some fascinating future use cases that could culminate towards Artificial General Intelligence.