Like all entrepreneurs, there is something powerful at the heart of your origin story: your ‘why’. It’s what drove you to build something from the ground up and why you do things you never thought you could do. But after a while, the pressures and demands of running a business can take a serious toll, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and burned out. And your business may not be delivering the results you wanted to see. This is a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey.

In order to revitalize yourself and your business, you need to examine your business objectively and recalibrate, which is incredibly difficult to do alone. But with great courage and the right people on your side, it is possible to transform your current business into one that lights you up again.

In this webinar, we will share five acts of daring that will help you build the foundation for a new path, rooted in purpose, with a deep connection to the ‘why’ that sparked your journey of entrepreneurship in the first place.

All attendees will receive the e-book “DARE TO TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS: 5 Acts of Daring That Will Help You Reclaim Your “WHY” and Transform Your Business”