Is your company well positioned to start thinking about building and launching its own mobile app? Currently, smart phones belong in the hands of over 80% of Canadians and with the majority of our day to day tasks spent on our smart phone, more power is put into the consumer than ever before.

Using engaging case studies on companies such as Hudson’s Bay, this session will give you the right foundational tools to begin strategizing. With expertise in strategy, design and development of more than 500 mobile apps for a variety of clients, Founder and CEO of TheAppLabb, Kundan Joshi will breakdown the pathway to success for bringing your product or service to market with a mobile app. Find out if making your “idea mobile”, is the next step for your venture.

Session outline:

  • Ideation for Mobile
  • Key Data Needed to Launch a Mobile App
  • What’s Unique in a Mobile Strategy?
  • Types of Designs that can be Employed
  • What to Expect in the Development Process?
  • 6 Key Ingredients in a Successful Launch

Session benefits:

  • Unlock the secrets to creating a successful mobile app
  • Learn how to better understand the consumer journey with smart phones
  • Discover new insights on the rise of e-commerce with smartphones

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