“Digital Transformation for your business” with Anjum Iqbal.

Join Anjum Iqbal, President of First National Financial Canada (FNF) for an engaging discussion on his journey through technology and leading FNF Canada to become one of North America’s Leading Insurance and Financial Institutes. https://www.fnf.ca/

Anjum will discuss Digital Transformation for your business and various aspects of it. He will delve a little deep into what it actually is and what value it will brings to any organisation.

Anjum will also focus on the Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to Digital Transformations

Anjum Iqbal is the Vice President of IT Business Solutions and oversees all of FNF Canada’s technology operations. Anjum has over 17 years of experience ranging from corporate financial and Intranet applications to complete enterprise business systems development.

Before joining FNF Canada in January 2006, He was a Sr. Consultant at CIBC and also held senior software development positions at various companies both in Canada and Singapore.

Anjum holds a MBA from Northwestern University(Chicago) and a B.S. Comp. Sci. degree from University of Wollongong (Australia).

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