Today more than ever, there’s an increasing demand for attracting, retaining and competing for good talent especially skills that are high in demand. Candidates, including your own employees, have lots of job options. Research tells us that 2 out of 3 employees will consider a new opportunity in 2019. Whether you’re a big brand or small brand, to effectively retain and compete for new talent, you must have a strong employer brand with an attractive and unique employee value proposition.

Join us for this informative session on:

  • Building the case for Employer Branding and getting leadership buy-in
  • How to unlock a stand out employer brand
  • Know how and what to measure for bottom line impact

Speaker Bio: Colette O’Neill is the Chief Talent Strategist and Founder of ADVANCE Human Capital Solutions, an Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Agency. For over 20 years Colette has designed and built recruiting practices, managed recruiting teams and has developed and activated employer brand and recruitment strategies for some of the largest brands in North America.

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