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FocalPoint Coaching of Toronto brings over 30 years of experience helping entrepreneurs, professionals and companies optimize their performance, overcome obstacles, and achieve professional and personal growth. We provide coaching and training on Entrepreneurial and Strategic Leadership, Business Planning, Productivity, Effective Communication, Coaching and Development, and Effective Teamwork.

Accelerate your business results with the FocalPoint Business Accelerator Program!

We are proud to offer 15% savings on all of our coaching programs and workshops to all TechConnex members.

Are you struggling to achieve the results you want on your business and lose sleep because of it? Are you sacrificing your personal life for your business?

The FocalPoint Business Accelerator Program guides you through a proven process to get you and your business back on track. Our three-month programs are action-oriented and hold you accountable to help you:

  • Gain clarity to determine the right direction for your business
  • Grow your business and generate more profit
  • Increase your personal effectiveness and develop more effective relationships so you
    can work fewer hours and reduce stress

We offer both Group Coaching programs where you benefit from cost efficiencies and the experience of your fellow participants, and customized One-on-One Coaching to focus more on your individual needs and challenges.
These programs are offered by Jayne Huhtanen, B. Eng. Mgmt., Certified FocalPoint Business Coach.

For more information on this exclusive offer, please contact Jayne at:
jhuhtanen@focalpointcoaching.com OR 647-823-8845.

Or visit FocalPoint Coaching of Toronto to learn more or book a complimentary coaching session.

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