THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 8:30am – 9:30am-

Imagine a future where you are equipped with the tools to shatter glass ceilings, where your leadership skills shine, and your career ambitions are within reach.

Executive coaches Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith found that some of the standard advise given to help people navigate career advancement didn’t always fit women.  They co-authored a book to fill the gap.  “How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job.”

We will split a discussion of the habits across two of our Women-in-Tech sessions.

  • In December – Changing the habits that may no longer be serving us.
  • In January – Changing habits to help create a path forward.

During this interactive discussion, we will delve deep into the insightful strategies outlined in the book, share stories of how the habits show up in our lives and careers, and discuss how to apply the strategies to deal with the challenges the habits present.

Join us as we look at the impacts of what we do, what we think or feel, and what we say.

Let’s strategize together how that impact can empower us forward, rather than get in our way.


This session will be facilitated by Lori O’Grady

Lori is a Business Catalyst who helps small and medium sized businesses optimize their revenue operations to scale with ease. With years of experience in leading customer-facing technology change projects, Lori knows how to streamline business operations, unlock customer insights, and boost sales. Anchored on HubSpot, Lori works with clients to develop a strategic approach that centralizes sales, marketing, and customer service operations to provide a consistent experience across the customer lifecycle.