Deciding on your future career path? Join us to explore how a Science and Tech career can help you make a difference in the world

About this Event

Do you ever wonder how you can make a difference in the world? Then look no further; this girls in Sci-Tech event is for you.

The School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry and the School of Information and Communications Technology at Seneca College invites female high-school students (grades 9 – 12) to attend our day dedicated to showcasing how women in our science and technology community are making a difference in their careers. This day will give students the opportunity to explore science & technology with interactive workshops, led by Seneca faculty and current Seneca students. In addition, attendees will hear about the pathways various women have taken to get to their current science and technology professions.

The following hands on workshops are available for students to choose from when purchasing tickets.

Software Development – The Art of Programming

Create web based artwork using programming. Software is the language of communication between us and our devices. Every app you use on your phone is a piece of software. Software development is a very creative field. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will be able to explore the creative side of software development by programming a piece of web based artwork.

Computer hardware – Component Connection

This hands on workshops will help you explore the exciting world of computer hardware and discover how connecting different components together can make something new and wonderful.

Biotechnology Workshop – DNA Extraction

Explore the fascinating world of gene regulation, biotechnology, and the production of proteins by genetic engineering. Imagine turning on the gene for a glowing jelly fish protein, green fluorescent protein, in a common gut bacteria E. coli, by using a molecular switch! In this workshop, we will also explore how DNA is extracted from cells and how these extraordinarily large molecules are separated across electrical fields using agarose gel electrophoresis.

Analytical Chemistry – Vitamin C Tablet Analysis

In this workshop, we will examine the world of quality control to determine if a commercial brand of Vitamin C tablets really contains the reported amount of this important vitamin in its preparation. Chemical instrumentation techniques (spectroscopy and thin layer chromatography) will be used, explored, and compared through this investigation.

General Event Information

  • All workshops are interactive
  • Lunch will be provided for all attendees (please indicate any dietary restrictions on the registration form).
  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend (please select option on registration).


Join us at the Seneca@York Stephen E. Quinlan building, located on the South East corner of York University campus (70 The Pond Road). This building is conveniently located two blocks south of the York University Subway Station (Line 1). The recommended parking lot is the Student Services Parking Garage located across the street from our building (Saturday flat rate parking is $7).

The $5 registration fee is asked to help support our Seneca Campaign for Students fundraising initiative that helps our students achieve their academic goals through scholarships and bursaries.

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