Buyers are awash with information, bombarded with sales and marketing messages, crazy busy, and sellers who reach out to them proactively.

82% of buyers will accept meetings with sellers who reach out.

The sellers who secure these meetings achieve significantly greater success with a much different approach. In this session, Gord Smith, Partner at RAIN Group, shares new data from 489 sellers and 488 business buyers. He’ll reveal exactly how sellers secure meetings and how buyers prefer to be contacted.

Learning Outcomes

  • How many touches it takes to get through to buyers
  • What Top Performers in Sales Prospecting do differently than The Rest
  • Content and offers that buyers respond to
  • Common prospecting myths that are hurting your results
  • The 5 most effective prospecting tactics

Top Performers generate 2.7x more conversions with target contacts than The Rest. In this session, you’ll learn exactly how they do it.

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