A Fireside Chat with Judith Humphrey

Women are moving forward in their careers by taking steps to realize their goals and seek higher level opportunities. But as important as this ambition is, it needs to be accompanied by the ability to speak up and communicate with confidence. Judith Humphrey will discuss her book, Taking the Stage: How Women Can Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed. She will give us a set of powerful skills that will enable us to be more confident and compelling in expressing our ideas.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • What sometimes keeps us from speaking our minds
  • How can we move from “the wings” to “center stage”
  • What constitutes a great “elevator pitch”
  • How can we be assertive, but not aggressive
  • Which words (to avoid) because they make us sound weak or unsure
  • How should we “script” ourselves for impromptu conversations
  • How can we have stronger, more powerful voices
  • What is “presence” and what qualities make for a strong presence


This will be an interactive session, and questions can be asked throughout.

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