Improving Lead Generation Through Local SEO Marketing

The only thing more frustrating than finding out you lost a sale to a local competitor, is not even having a chance to quote on the work in the first place. Local SEO needs to be a key part of your online marketing campaign and it all begins with one simple and easy to use tool; Google My Business (GMB). So has part of our ongoing series on lead generation we’re going to focus on local SEO using Google My Business.

What Is Google My Business?

GMB is a tool from Google that controls virtually every aspect of how you appear to people, in your service area, searching for your products and services. When you see a company’s name and overview posted on the side of the search results, that’s GMB. When you search for companies who sell X on Google Maps and a business comes up, that’s GMB. And when you see a map appear in the search results for a particular service… you guessed it, that’s GMB.

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