LAUFT is an on-demand network of flexible Smart Spaces for #remoteworkers and #organizations. We connect people and teams to the spaces, tools, and services they need to work in the most convenient, consistent, and professional way possible.

TechConnex members who register as a new LAUFT client will receive a $50 credit towards any flexible, on-demand workspace at any of our LAUFT locations. New clients will also receive a 15% discount on all future bookings.

This credit can be used towards any LAUFT Smart Space:

Smart Desk • $5 per hour • ideal for 1 person
Smart Single • $15 per hour • ideal for 1 person
Smart Duo • $25 per hour • ideal for 1 person
Smart Office • $25 per hour • ideal for 1-3 people
Smart Workroom • $35 per hour • ideal for 4-6 people
Smart Boardroom • $100 per hour • ideal for 12+ people

smart desk space

Additional benefits of booking space at LAUFT include:

  • No Memberships or Contracts
  • No Monthly Lease
  • Flexible on-demand booking via the LAUFT app
  • Secure high-speed internet
  • Printing and Scanning
  • LAUFT Credits never expires

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