Non-repayable government grants can allow companies to expand, create jobs, advance innovation, and launch environmental initiatives. The question is: How do businesses successfully apply for the grants that can help them grow?

Grants can be game-changers for businesses, giving them a financial boost that can turn even the biggest ideas into reality. The thing is, the government grant landscape is both complex and dynamic. Grants that are available today may be closed tomorrow – or criteria can change with little notice. The application process can be time-consuming and confusing. Government funding agencies generally only approve about 25% of applications1. It’s not surprising that many business owners either don’t apply for grants in the first place or give up on the idea after a few failed attempts.

But it could be money left on the table.

With the right information and the right partners to help identify top priority programs, government grants can become the funding source that can help your business thrive – from helping you get online and creating employee training to developing expansion projects and equipment purchases.

Here are six tips to help you navigate the grant landscape.

By Diane Amato
April 27, 2021