WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 4:00pm – 5:00pm – 

Why is executive Personal Branding Important? You have years of experience in your industry but how do you stand out and build your reputation as an expert or as a leader? What is Personal Branding and how can it help your career? How aware are you on your digital footprint? How can personal branding reinforce the value you can offer to open up more professional opportunities?

Join us in conversation with a panel of HR and Social Media Experts in an exciting roundtable discussion to:

  • Learn how personal branding can accelerate your career
  • Build a stronger personal brand to stand out and strengthen your professional reputation
  • Communicate your unique strengths in your job search materials
  • Define your personal brand using proven branding principles
  • Use social media to authentically reinforce your personal brand

Rhonda Britton – Director, Talent Acquisition, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnerships
Cher Jones – Founder, Socially Active, Corporate Trainer & Coach
Adam Fox – Director, Ontario Region, Esri Canada

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