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CEO Peer Group

The CEO Peer Group is a community of current and former Presidents, CEOs, COOs, and Business Unit Leaders who are responsible for strategic and operational leadership in fast-growth technology-based companies. This group offers more than just networking opportunities; it harnesses the power of collective awareness of many executives to focus on specific issues. As a member, you can create your own personal guidance system and benefit from the insights of seasoned pros who act as a steering committee when charting a course through difficult waters. Join us and experience the transformational impact of the CEO peer group on your leadership journey.

“The TechConnex CEO Peer Group on Estate and Taxation planning was fantastic – likely saved me thousands in taxes and potential grief from the CRA”

“The CEO Peer Group serves as the Board of Advisors that I never got around to putting together for myself.”

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 8:15am - 9:30am -  John Kitchen will be presenting his famous and revised session on Partnerships. October’s CEO Peer Group will focus on using partnering as a strategy to accelerate and diversify growth. Topics will include: How to make win-win partnerships Roadmaps to building successful partnerships Partner [...]

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