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Human Resources Peer Group

This Peer Group is for anyone that is responsible for leading their organizations in advancing corporate objectives.  They may serve as strategic partners, help employees advance their careers, help promote their organizations to attract ideal work candidates, initiate change, shape the culture and advocate for their employees.

Upcoming Events

Employer Brand – Crack the Code to Compete for Top Talent

Today more than ever, there's an increasing demand for attracting, retaining and competing for good talent especially skills that are high in demand. Candidates, including your own employees, have lots of job options. Research tells us that 2 out of 3 employees will consider a new opportunity in 2019. Whether you’re a big brand or small brand, to effectively retain [...]

The Importance of understanding your business: HR’s role as Business Partner

HR's role is to support and grow the company. It starts with understanding your business, your customers and your employees to position HR to challenge the status quo and influence change. This session will focus on shifting the HR lens from function and operations to strategic resource and business partner. REGISTER for the May 7th session

Expert HR Panel – Bring us your Burning Issues!

Based on feedback from our members regarding human resource challenges and goals, an expert panel of HR Leaders will be available to answer your questions, provide strategies for moving forward and share their insights on the focus of other tech companies. REGISTER for the June 4th session

Past Events