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Leadership and Management Skills Peer Group

This Peer Group is aimed at a broad range audience new to management and leading teams to those who have experience but are welcome to new ideas and/or a reinforcement of present practices.

Upcoming Events

The Management Skills Peer Group will return for another full season (September to June) with a new emphasis on Leadership & Management Skills, based on feedback and interest from our Peer Group attendees!

The format will continue to be interactive and participative and we will investigate general topics like “Emotional Intelligence” and more specific topics like “Conflict Resolution”. Our participants will continue to suggest topics within this subject matter that are of most interest to them, and the commitment to discuss and have fun remains intact!

Pete Needham will continue in his role as Peer Group Facilitator

Past Events

Managing Up: Managing your Supervisor/Manager

If you didn’t already know, the most significant factor impacting your job satisfaction is your relationship with your direct manager. We’ve all heard stories about the difficulty of working with our bosses. It’s not always that these supervisors are bullies or tyrants; [...]