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This peer group is offered by Marc Lijour, Metamesh Consulting. (see author’s bio below)

As Bitcoin is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Blockchain might have just passed the “peak of inflated expectations”, since it officially became boring in 2019 according to the MIT Technology Review.

Enterprise leaders see a tremendous opportunity in Blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin. From large players such as Walmart to small players such as the Ontario farmers, the supply chain industry is adopting Blockchain-based systems. The same is happening in every single industry. According to Deloitte, 95% of companies surveyed are investing in Blockchain technology.

In the startup world, ICOs (Blockchain-enabled crowdfunding) investments have passed traditional (Venture Capital) funding in 2017. Despite a cooldown of ICOs in 2018, there is a growing interest for STOs (Security Token Offerings). STOs and ICOs are sales of tokens (digital coins), which in the case of STOs represent securities such as bonds, loans, or equity in a business.

Join us if you’d like to understand how Blockchain is changing every industry and where business opportunities are rapidly forming. Let’s figure out how TechConnex members can grow their business and better serve the GTA market and the world.

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