The Business of your Business – TechConnex Podcast

The business of your business is a podcast that focuses on the great companies and people within York Region. We want to highlight exciting tech companies and the impact they’re making in their community. These raw and uncut sessions are designed to provide quick but high level discussions on education, key topics and challenges that people and companies are facing. We also want to have fun with our guests, so we hope that you will listen!!

The Importance of SEO to your Marketing Campaign

On the first episode, we talk with Kevin D’Arcy, CEO of ThinkFuel Marketing.
In this session, we will discuss the top 3 digital marketing tactics and how they have changed in how they need to be implemented.

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The Importance and Future of Smart Cities and the Technology Behind Them

In this session, we talk with Rakesh Tiku, Founder and CEO of inField Solutions Inc., a Markham based Tech Company.
Rakesh discusses the future of Smart Cities, technology and adoption!!  We also discuss Brexit.


Mark Petznick

Canadian Commercial Real Estate: What you Need to Know

In this session, we talk with Mark Petznick, SVP and Principal of Devencore, a Toronto based Commercial Real Estate Company. Mark discusses the current state of Canadian Commercial Real Estate, unknown risks potential tenants should know and some of the challenges facing the current market and landlords.


Making the Case for GRC

In this session, we talk with Mike Gibbs, CEO of SureStep Risk & Analytics, a Durham based GRC Company.
We discuss the importance of GRC no matter the size of the company, but also the future and how technology will impact GRC.


Managing Your People and Business in Our Changing Reality

In this session, our expert panel of Frank Bilotta, Maureen Campbell, Dan Condon and Marion Yoshida share their perspectives to help you manage through the challenges of this difficult and ever-changing situation; protect your business, customers and support your employees.


Rosanna Berardi

This is a quick conversation with our great friend Rosanna Berardi of Berardi Immigration Lawyers.

To give an update on the state of the American / Canadian Border.  Is the government allowing people to apply for work permits?
How are you advising companies that want to do business in the US?  How is Buffalo, NY doing during this stressful times.  Thank you Rosanna for your continued dialogue and we will check in with you in a few weeks.


How Organizations Can Do More by Slowing Down

In this session, we talk with Desi Narayanan, Partner at Building Perspective Inc.  Desi discusses taking a step back to evaluate your business and its processes. Desi will provide valuable insight to keep your business going while staying cash and mentally positive.


How to start a podcast with Sergey Ross…

I will be talking with Sergey Ross of Rangle. IO and the Sergey Ross Show about what it takes to start a successful Podcast.

Please enjoy the session and hopefully there some practical information for you future Podcasters!!

Sergey Ross Show is an interview series that explores how thought leaders in business, sports & entertainment think, the psychological side of their success.


Valuation Theory and Investor Presentations – ONLINE SESSION

The presentation will include an introduction to valuation theory, including an overview of fundamental valuation approaches, valuations of early-stage companies and differences between price and value in a transaction.

There will also be an introduction to investor presentations, which are a crucial element of raising financing. It will include an overview of the content that should go into investor presentations, considerations for a robust analysis, and tips to capture investor attention.

Presented by Marco Lamanna, Manager, Valuation and Economics, Transaction Advisory Services and Fraser Voll, Manager at Ernst and Young.

This event is sponsored by: E&Y


TechConnex Lunch & Learn Recorded Session

In this uncertain time, we are all worried about how we will continue to run our businesses as well as support our people as best as we can.

With more information every day and different things to think about while running your business going forward, join us from 11:00am – 12:00pm to hear from our expert panel and get different perspectives to help you manage through the challenges of this difficult and ever-changing situation; protect your business, customers and support your employees.

Our panel and topics to be addressed:

Government Economic Relief – Frank Bilotta – Partner, Tax, SBLR LLP
Cyber SecurityDominik Kawnik, President, Websdepot
Protecting your Business’s Balance Sheet against Bad Debt and Employment Practices Liability during COVID-19Peter McCabe, Technology Practice Leader, PROLINK


Exploit Disruption to Build a Resilient Business – Especially in a Crisis – ONLINE SESSION

Applying the hindsight that could have saved Kodak, Polaroid and Blockbuster –

Over the last 100-days, every business has been disrupted. While a few are feasting, many are fighting the threat of famine. The fates of Polaroid, Kodak and Blockbuster are all too familiar. The good news is that their experience provides us with 20-20 hindsight.

In this interactive online session, Graham Binks, CEO, primeFusion Inc., offers advice and exercises for leveraging the principles of disruption as a tool to survive the crisis and come out stronger. Aided by real-world examples, he will walk through some exercises to help you recognize new opportunities, adjust your response and navigate the course to success. By the end, you’ll be equipped to apply these lessons to your business immediately.

Graham is the author of Trusting Technology: Mastering Technology for Non-Tech Leaders and 10-Minute Reflections: Volumes One and Two.

This session is facilitated by Ray Gilbert and Jamal Shah of Causal Effects.


Feeling overwhelmed at times, and faced with worries about where all this could go?  Have you observed associates, family, or friends who are expressing a high level of anxiety?  Targeted at putting you in the driver’s seat to learn and grow strong through this challenging time, our workshop, presented by Danielle Besseling and Peter Meyers, provides four accessible strategies to move you from worry to wellbeing. In addition, we cover ways to productively support others who are experiencing the kind of worry that gets in the way of living the life we want.


With workplaces slowly and gradually returning to work, what are the key matters that employers will need to consider as their employees return to the physical workplace?
This session, presented by Dan Condon, Employment and Labour Lawyer, Wilson Vukelich, LLP, will discuss what employers will need to address when restarting their operations and having more employees return to the physical workplace.   Employers will need to be aware of both their rights as well as their obligations as the return to the physical workplace will require employers to review their current workplace policies and to prepare new policies and procedures.


Zoom and Webinar Best Practice – TechConnex Marketing Peer Group

Are you finding webinars part of your normal communications now? Join us to learn the best practice for zoom and other webinar platforms.

From technical setup to content planning, and webinar reporting for marketing analysis. Yifei Zhao will share her experience on everything you need to run successful webinars.

About our Speaker:

Yifei Zhao, Operations Director from AlteX Academy

AlteX has been running online training using webinar and smart learning systems since 2015. Bringing creativity from her film production background, AlteX provides interactive and enjoyable online learning for working professionals.

This Peer Group is sponsored by: AMD