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The business of your business is a podcast that focuses on the great companies and people within York Region. We want to highlight exciting tech companies and the impact they’re making in their community. These raw and uncut sessions are designed to provide quick but high level discussions on education, key topics and challenges that people and companies are facing. We also want to have fun with our guests, so we hope that you will listen!!

The Importance of SEO to your Marketing Campaign

On the first episode, we talk with Kevin D’Arcy, CEO of ThinkFuel Marketing.
In this session, we will discuss the top 3 digital marketing tactics and how they have changed in how they need to be implemented.

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The Importance and Future of Smart Cities and the Technology Behind Them

In this session, we talk with Rakesh Tiku, Founder and CEO of inField Solutions Inc., a Markham based Tech Company.
Rakesh discusses the future of Smart Cities, technology and adoption!!  We also discuss Brexit.


Mark Petznick

Canadian Commercial Real Estate: What you Need to Know

In this session, we talk with Mark Petznick, SVP and Principal of Devencore, a Toronto based Commercial Real Estate Company. Mark discusses the current state of Canadian Commercial Real Estate, unknown risks potential tenants should know and some of the challenges facing the current market and landlords.


Making the Case for GRC

In this session, we talk with Mike Gibbs, CEO of SureStep Risk & Analytics, a Durham based GRC Company.
We discuss the importance of GRC no matter the size of the company, but also the future and how technology will impact GRC.


Managing Your People and Business in Our Changing Reality

In this session, our expert panel of Frank Bilotta, Maureen Campbell, Dan Condon and Marion Yoshida share their perspectives to help you manage through the challenges of this difficult and ever-changing situation; protect your business, customers and support your employees.


Rosanna Berardi

This is a quick conversation with our great friend Rosanna Berardi of Berardi Immigration Lawyers.

To give an update on the state of the American / Canadian Border.  Is the government allowing people to apply for work permits?
How are you advising companies that want to do business in the US?  How is Buffalo, NY doing during this stressful times.  Thank you Rosanna for your continued dialogue and we will check in with you in a few weeks.


In this episode of the TechConnex Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Terry Mocherinak Founder of Apex Capital Advisors. 
Apex is a boutique investment bank and strategic advisory firm founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  They have built, operated, invested in and sold technology businesses and understand the  pain points and objectives of business founders.
Terry and I talk about the current M&A market within Canada and the United States, What companies and advisory firms should look for in a client and Terry’s Top 3 Tips for a successful sell.
Please join us for this engaging conversation
Thank you.
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This morning I had the privilege of speaking with Keith Chang, President of Senovva Canada. SenovvA | We are sensory innovation
Keith is a passionate, multifaceted creator with 30 years of experience—and extensive technical expertise—as a photographer, cinematographer, animator, director of photography, and film producer. He and his crew have filmed, edited and produced award-winning, broadcast-quality corporate videos for numerous major corporations. A true creative talent behind the camera, Keith’s unique style takes corporate storytelling to a new level, earning an authentic emotional response from audiences.
Keith and I discuss his craft of film making, what the last year has taught him, innovation in filming and muh much more!!
I hope that you enjoy this conversation.
Thank you

Welcome to our 2nd Season of the TechConnex Podcast..

In this episode we talk with Mark Morissette CEO & Co-Founder of Foxquilt.

We discuss the origins of Foxquilt, the future of insurance within Canada and Around The World, VC Funding and plenty more.

Foxquilt is a Canadian-based financial technology company using data and technology to empower small businesses and business networks to save on Small Business Insurance. Leveraging their Insurance-as-a-Service platform and creating unique products, Foxquilt makes it easy for customers to buy insurance online and access group purchasing power. Foxquilt customers achieve savings upfront on premiums, reduced deductibles and are rewarded with further savings at renewal. For more information, visit

“It’s not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it’s refusing to fail.”  Peyton  Manning.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Randy Bergeron and discuss his  First Business Book; Rise and Shine: 50 Real World  Lessons.  It is an easy playbook for anyone who wants to drive their business to the next level.
Randy and I discuss the process of creating a book, the lessons  learned and what it  takes to drive business growth. This book is very inspiring and a go to for anybody starting out in business or seasoned veteran.  There is always something to learn.
We hope that you enjoy our conversation and thank you for all of  your support.
Shameless Plug: Rise & Shine: 50 Real World Lessons: James, R. Norman: 9780228836292: Books – and what people are saying about this great book. 
Reviewed in Canada on February 8, 2021
Love the Real World Lessons, both the stories and the Lists! Written from real experience, small business owners should read this to understand what it will take to become bigger. There are no shortcuts, but foresight is hugely helpful.
In this interview, I speak with Boris Martin, CEO of Engineers Without Borders. 
EWB Canada is a charitable organization that is focused on the investment and training for Tech Start-Up Companies in Africa.
Boris and I discuss the EWB, technology in Africa over the last, emerging markets, what the future holds and much more!!!
A brief history on EWB:
With humble beginnings and a bi-weekly meeting in George’s parents’ living room, the dream slowly grew into reality. By the end of the year 2000, the initiative was supported by over 1000 members and a handful of chapters around the country. In 2001, our first volunteer left for a four-month internship in India.
Today we develop leaders by investing in people. We spark innovative businesses and support entrepreneurs by investing in startup ventures. We create policy and institutional changes that influence corporate and government practices to improve global living conditions and access to basic needs by advocating for change. Get Involved – EWB Canada 
In this episode of the TechConnex Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking to Sehrish Mahmood Founder of Dialogue Room.
We discuss perseverance, entrepreneurship, and how to overcome failure. Plus Sehrish worked at the UN, how cool is that!!
Dialogue Room:
We are driven by our desire to promote intellectual curiosity through captivating dialogue. We bring together learning communities from multiple disciplines and cultures. Dialogue Room is an open and healthy social space that offers opportunities for learners to build Core Life Competencies for both their personal and professional development. Our aim is to encourage collective social well being. Homepage – DialogueRoom
Thank you for listening!!