TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 8:30am – 9:30am – 

February blahs got you down? Feeling overwhelmed by life, work, family, grey weather? To be a strong leader, you might feel that you need to be strong all the time, however that can take its toll on you. Leaders who build their resilience, manage their stress and take care of themselves, set a good example for their teams and create a culture of caring.

Join us on Tues. Feb. 23 for the Skills for Leaders Peer Group discussion on “Resilience and Stress Management for Leaders” where we will:
– Share what strategies and tactics to build resilience and manage stress work for each of us, and how we help our teams and employees,
– Learn about a resilience model we can apply to our every day situations when we need a bit of support.

Come prepared to share your insights and learn from others how you can build your resilience and manage your stress so you can be a better leader.