In this high energy action packed presentation you will learn the 6 keys to thriving in the Technology sector no matter what is happening.  You will learn powerful stress busting techniques to build incredible internal resilience to navigate more successfully through the ups and downs and fast pace of the technology sector. You will learn to convert stress into opportunity, become more grounded and calm and learn how to respond confidently to pressure situations instead of overreacting or avoiding them. You will receive powerful tips that work to connect better with your team to resolve conflicts using Emotional Intelligence Tools and gain better self and other awareness by learning about the power of non-verbal communication.  You will learn how to read politically charged situations, navigate through the hidden agendas and rebuild lost relationships. You will also learn how to become a better leader in this session by developing a growth mind-set, learning powerful focusing techniques to get more done and tapping into creative problem solving. This session will include hand-outs and offer a chance to win a copy of Patricia’s first book ABC’s of Food: Boost your energy confidence and Success” or a powerful coaching session for your team. You will be actively participating is some educational exercises with partners to reinforce training concepts.


Some of what you will learn in this session includes:

  • The key qualities of a successful leader
  • Keys to be a mentally resilient person
  • Resilience Killers
  • How to better manage your stress & upgrade your health habits
  • Simple techniques to build better relationships with Emotional Intelligence
  • How to deal with the negativity and conflict without it overwhelming you
  • Develop a growth mindset to become a better leader
  • Tap into creative Solutions to problems by focusing your creative mind
  • THRIVE-The 6 keys for your career and life



Patricia (Tish) Conlin is a Talent Solutions firm owner (20+ years building success as President of Global Consulting Group Inc. for Recruitment, RPO, Coaching, Transition and Wellness), Speaker, and Coach. A passion for health and leadership development led her into international public speaking and coaching. Conlin is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Black Belt Martial Artist. She is the author of ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence, and Success with the Power of Nutrition. She is currently working on her second book on Resilience and on-line course about leadership and resilience. Visit Colin’s Coaching website to energize your performance and life with our on-line training programs and courses at . JOIN  THRIVE HUB to be part of a growing community of Business Professionals who are sharing ideas on thriving at work on LinkedIn                    

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