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The state of the Canadian economy at the start of the second wave

The battle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks and the situation now threatens Canada’s economic recovery. Fortunately, statistics released in recent weeks indicate the economy is relatively well positioned to cope with the second wave of infections observed in most provinces. READ the [...]

What the U.S. election means for Canadian entrepreneurs

The U.S. presidential election on November 3 is dominating media attention. The candidates and their respective parties are proposing very different economic visions whose impact will go well beyond their country's borders. In this economic letter, we look at the state of the race to date, the different positions defended by [...]

Business has Changed, Here are 4 Digital Trends to Consider

With changes to workplaces and shopping habits with respect to the pandemic and social distancing rules, it is important to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. In this blog, we will discuss 4 digital trends that have impacted the business environment and why you should adopt these trends sooner [...]

What Skills Should My In-House Marketing Team Have?

Executive Summary For a B2B company to successfully compete, your marketing team must embrace digital marketing and build your strategy around 12 core skills (detailed below). No single person has all 12 of these skills. Successful digital marketing requires a team. But given the often limited resources available to small [...]

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