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Looking at Government Grants for your Business? Read These Tips Before you Apply

Non-repayable government grants can allow companies to expand, create jobs, advance innovation, and launch environmental initiatives. The question is: How do businesses successfully apply for the grants that can help them grow? Grants can be game-changers for businesses, giving them a financial boost that can turn even the biggest ideas [...]

New Survey: What People Really Think about Hybrid Work

Over the past year, the world of work has changed dramatically as organizations across the world were forced to rethink their operations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This change prompted businesses to employ new strategies and tools to continue serving customers and driving revenue with a remote workforce. [...]

Aligning Product and Sales For A Better B2B Customer Experience

Defining a Sales Process is essential for Sales Management to track the status of prospects in the funnel. It’s important for Product Marketing when targeting specific content to be used in each stage. But its also critical for Product Management because optimizing it is a key success factor for growth [...]

How B2B Companies are adapting customer engagement strategies during COVID

At U.S. companies of various size and in different industries, B2B leaders know their customers are facing economic uncertainty and pressure to preserve cash—but customers are still seeking unexpected opportunities to strengthen their position. Our new LinkedIn-Edelman collaborative survey of nearly 400 B2B executives in the U.S. was designed to [...]

Seven Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan

Written by Roshni Wijayasinha, CMO of Foxquilt Insurance and Founder of Prosh Marketing, specializing Go-To-Market strategies for technology startups Developing a marketing plan for your company ensures you have a strategy to reach your target customers and provides a structured approach for tackling marketing implementation. As a chief marketing officer [...]

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