TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1:30pm – 3:00pm – 

For many people, the pandemic and the changes it brought to their everyday lives is probably the closest they will come to experiencing what being an immigrant, a foreign student or an expatriate feels like. Indeed, the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world had forced billions of people to change the way they do things on very short notice – just like immigrants / foreign students / expatriates experience when they reach their new home country.

By comparing the experiences of many people who are going through the immigration process and contrasting the long-term consequences of various approaches they may use, we can identify best practises that everyone can apply when dealing with this pandemic.

Our speaker, Lionel Laroche, President, Multicultural Business Solutions Inc., helps culturally different people understand one another so that they can do business and work together effectively.  http://www.mcbsol.com/

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