How often do we think about the entire customer experience before bringing a new product into the market? Not as often as you might think. Inventors and Innovators often put so much focus into perfecting their new product or service offering, they lose sight of those to whom are essential to their success – the actual consumer.  Some just focus on the initial problem that will be solved by the product.  Importantly, no matter how great your product is, if the entire consumer experience is not satisfied or exceeded, the product won’t get proper traction in the marketplace and perhaps not get the opportunity to serve its purpose.

In this innovation peer group, we will focus on consumer/customer journey mapping and the importance of making this a priority and a first-step for innovators. We will help you better understand why a customer-centric focus will outperform others!

Session outline:

  • Key elements of Customer Journey Mapping
  • Creating opportunities for innovative growth in the customer experience
  • Constructing and breaking down persona’s and archetypes
  • How using Customer Journey Mapping and innovation archetypes can improve your innovation outcomes

 Session benefits:

  • Successfully utilizing Customer Journey regardless of industry
  • Insights into analyzing and measuring the innovation capabilities of your market research and strategy
  • Drive a better customer-centric culture for your business