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Our current economic reality is creating uncertainty for everyone; you, your clients and your employees. How will you not only survive but thrive at this time without over investing. HR needs to drive internal business conversations helping management make the tough choices on where to invest and where not to. That may involve saying yes to some hires and delaying to fill other positions, assessing whether there are processes or technology that may no longer be serving its purpose and require rethinking on the way to do work and where to start and stop platform investments.
HR needs to be creative at ‘doing more with less’. Engaging in discussions about the opportunity to upskill your workforce while there is available talent in the market, modifying job descriptions to satisfy multiple workforce needs in a single position, and developing inhouse talent to meet the company’s future workforce needs rather than hiring more people will be important to the company’s bottom line.
Have you already made this shift or are you preparing for a dynamic start to the New Year?
Join our peer group to share your thoughts on how the economy is affecting your HR strategy.