THURSDAY, MAY 11, 11:30am – 1:30pm – 

Identify Your Risk and Get Prepared with this Survival Kit

A Cybersecurity readiness seminar for the non-technical business executive or owner.

This seminar will help you better understand the zombie threat, and then provide practical guidance to build a plan for your business to identify its risks, and prepare you to survive when it happens to you.


Meet our speakers:

Tom Bigos –

Diligent Cyber Security Professional, driven by passion for IT, gadgets, Cyber Security and Training. Tom has worked in the Cyber Security arena for over a decade. Throughout his career conducted hands-on, in the field engagements, testing many organizations in Canada and USA. These organizations include law enforcement, water and power utilities, education, municipal government, manufacturing, law firms, hospitals, and many others.

However, Tom is not just about brute-force testing, he has many years experience teaching clients and organizations how to detect, defend and even self-attack their own infrastructure to better understand the methodology used by threat actors at exploiting opportunities.

Tom has co-developed and taught several training courses focusing on common attack tools, Windows hardening techniques and using open source to protect the network. Tom prefers teaching face-to-face but has experience delivering content online in-front of camera.

Throughout his career Tom has spoken and presented to groups of various sizes, from IT departments, executive teams, to conference size groups at events in Canada and USA.

Andrew Ford –

In a cybersecurity market full of threats, fear, and confusion, Andrew Ford’s message to businesses is simple: there is no such thing as a zero-risk security posture. Kind of like how zombies always manage to break through the plywood barricades in movies, the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats means your systems will always have some level of vulnerability – an IT Risk Management mindset is the best defense!

An accomplished sales management and sales performance expert, Andrew Ford is the author of ”Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals” (McGraw-Hill) and received a lifetime achievement award from TechConnex in 2015 for his sales leadership work in Canada.  In his current role as VP Sales & Marketing of Next Dimension, Andrew is excited to support Next Dimension’s growth trajectory as it expands its service offerings to promote customer IT Risk Management.

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