As Paul Vigna and Michael Casey elegantly put it, Blockchain is a Trust Machine. In the previous two sessions at this TechConnex Peer Group, we looked at the two usual cornerstone use-cases coming from the financial angle of blockchain: managing money and managing identity securely. The historical way of explaining what is Blockchain starts there, with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but the trust machine has many more business applications.

In this session, we’ll explore the application of Blockchain to anything, through an approach known as “tokenization”. Since anything can be tracked reliably on blockchain networks, gold miners can track an ounce of gold from a clean mine (and price it differently) from an ounce of gold coming from another mine. Similarly the food chain can be securely tracked, from grain to salad, and from beef to fish, preventing the spread of dangerous pathogens, while keeping track of the carbon footprint. But blockchain can also track art, and even let you own a small piece of a Picasso.

The digitization of everything through these tokens (think of it as a ticket with a number), create new economies with interesting properties. Blockchain contributes in this way to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Join us to explore how blockchain affects the digitization of everything!

Pre-reading teasers:
CNNMoney video on 2 major applications: track & trace and fractional ownership
JP Morgan tokenizes gold bars 
Walmart tracks its salads on Blockchain

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