What will retail, manufacturing and construction look like in a decade?

What lies ahead for Canadian businesses in the next decade? How can they prepare today for success tomorrow?

These are critically important questions for entrepreneurs who are navigating a rapidly evolving business landscape. To find answers, BDC commissioned Juniper Consulting to study the dominant trends that will shape the business environment between now and 2030.

The study found several trends that will affect all industries. The most important of these is the role technology will play as a dominant driver of change.

“Technology can fuel growth, innovation and efficiency, but failure to harness it can threaten the survival of a business.”

Other key trends identified in the study include:

  • the changing nature of work, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic
  • the aging of the population and Canada’s increasing dependence on immigration for population growth and to fill labour shortages
  • mounting sustainability challenges in a time of climate change
  • shifting market dynamics ranging from slowing economic growth to intensifying foreign competition to a transition to a services economy

The study zeroed in on several important Canadian industries to look at what lies ahead for them. Here, we look at the findings for three of the largest—retail, manufacturing and construction.

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By Pierre-Olivier Bedard-Maltais, Director