The valuation of your IT business and or its assets is important in situations such as the sale of a business or its asset.  It is also important in personal or corporate tax planning and when entering into a shareholders agreement.

Join us as Melanie Russell, President of Kalex Valuations Inc. will review basic valuation principles and concepts, with a special focus on valuation methods and issues that are unique to the technology industry.

Ms. Russell has worked in accounting and valuation practice for more than 20 years.  She has qualified as an expert in the areas of business/asset valuation, quantification of damages, income determination and forensic accounting.  She has also acted as an accounting expert in arbitration, mediation, mediation/arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings (e.g., collaborative practice), and negotiated a number of buy/sell transactions.  Ms. Russell has also been active in accounting, auditing, valuation and finance education since 1987.

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