Vision and Mission

TechConnex is a member-directed industry association focused on providing a collaborative support community for companies to grow and succeed.

TechConnex Vision

Our Vision is for TechConnex to become the education center point for technology companies & their people by being the leader in Peer to Peer programming.

TechConnex Mission

The TechConnex Mission is to foster a collaborative community for technology companies to connect, share, learn and grow.

Technology Community Leadership

TechConnex is a technology community leader providing learning and networking opportunities to help you grow and succeed in your technology business. Join with other entrepreneurs, innovators, and service providers in making a sustained economic impact.

TechConnex is committed to providing effective leadership, the learning programs that you want, and the networking opportunities that you value. Our programs provide an excellent venue for education, knowledge transfer and an opportunity to connect with peers and potential clients and partners.

TechConnex Members “Know How”

TechConnex provides the setting for you to learn from those who may have been there before. Take advantage of the opportunities to gain knowledge about current events; issues and trends shaping the future of your industry; and then leverage it to help grow your business.