By: PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection

In October 2016 Casino Rama suffered a massive breach exposing data on at least 10,990 people:  patrons, employees, and even individuals who self-identified as having a gambling dependency.

Although Casino Rama claims to have had sufficient and reasonable security safeguards in place at the time of the breach, a recent report published by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner found the measures to be inadequate in protecting the privacy of Casino Rama’s patrons. A pending $60M class action lawsuit against Casino Rama, CHC Casinos Canada Ltd., and OLG has been further fueled by the Privacy Commissioner’s report and awaits approval by the courts in early May.

The suit could involve up to 200,000 plaintiffs thanks to privacy breach notification requirements as set out by the government—even though the actual number affected is close to 11,000. The suit alleges negligence, an intrusion of privacy, emotional distress, embarrassment, and reputational damage, all resulting from the data breach.

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