WEDNESDAY, September 28, 8:30am – 

Join us, when Jayne (Toronto), and Pete (Nice) will launch their new Program “Your Mind At Work”. This program is aimed literally at anyone who seeks to answer the question “Why do we say and do the things we do?” both inside and outside of the workplace.

From October there will be two monthly sessions, and the program will run until June 2023. The two monthly sessions will be as follows:

  1. Your Brain & Mind (how they work) hosted by Pete (Third Thursday of the month at 12pm)
  2. Your Mind at Work (in the Workplace) hosted by Jayne (Fourth Wednesday of the month at 8:30am)

The sessions are designed so it will not matter too much if you cannot make both sessions each month, but we guaranteed that you will participate in some lively discussions: “If we are to understand others, we must understand ourselves first”.