To be Competitive, we need to Collaborate

About Peer Groups

The TechConnex Peer Group Program is where fast-growth technology company leaders, entrepreneurs and executives from across the GTA can come together to exchange information that will help them expand their businesses. Together we contribute to a vibrant ecosystem supporting TECH business success.

Peer Group participants generate lasting relationships through meeting regularly to network, learn and lead their organizations to achieve even greater business success

  • Discover best practices through peer experience
  • Create powerful business connections
  • Learn how others adapt business theory to real life success
  • Keep up-to-date with directives and developments
  • Draw upon the knowledge and practical experience of subject matter experts
  • Build your personal brand and corporate identity with peers, presenters and partners

Participation is a member benefit INCLUDED with TechConnex Membership.

*If you’re interested in joining one of these groups please contact the TechConnex office prior to registering – some qualifying conditions may apply – like, are you a peer of the attendees?  With monthly meetings, there is a pretty good chance we can connect you to a relevant and meaningful group.

Have a suggestion for a new Peer Group? We’d love to hear about it!

All are asked to review and abide by the TechConnex Peer Group Code of Conduct.

Members are encouraged to bring Non-Member guests to our Peer Groups

Active Peer Groups

This Peer Group is for current and former Presidents, CEO’s COO’s and Business Unit Leaders who are responsible for strategic and operational leadership in fast-growth technology based companies.
This Peer Group is for someone that is responsible for developing a marketing strategy and co-ordinating marketing campaigns along with brand management and establishing a corporate identity.
Women in Technology
This Peer Group is focused on advancing women in technology and business no matter what technology related field you are in or where you are in your personal development.
Leadership Skills
This Peer Group will focus on skills that are necessary to help make you an effective leader no matter what your level in the organization, or what your characteristic or style may be.  Whether you are a team member, team leader, project supervisor or executive, this peer group is for you!
This Peer Group is for anyone that is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and building and maintaining trusted advisor relationships with key accounts.
Business Growth
This Peer Group is for anyone within your organization responsible for reaching and monitoring your company’s desired performance goals.
People Strategies
This Peer Group is for anyone that is responsible for leading their organizations in advancing corporate objectives.  They may serve as strategic partners, help employees advance their careers, help promote their organizations to attract ideal work candidates, initiate change, shape the culture and advocate for their employees.
This Peer Group is for anyone that is responsible for the information technology strategy and the computer systems required to support their organization’s unique objectives and goals.
Legal Perspectives
This Peer Group is for those that want to keep up-to-date with legal developments, establish risk management priorities, ensure legal compliance or make business decisions that could have significant legal consequences.
Product Management
This Peer Group is for anyone responsible for helping to guide the success of a product and help make strategic product decisions.

Member Testimonial:

“TechConnex is an excellent place to meet with like-minded people in the technology sector, share one another’s experience, knowledge, and expertise, and grow business and professionally through networking. Many colleagues from my office attend peer discussion groups regularly and benefit from the sharing and learning opportunities.”

I-Cheng Chen

Director of Engineering at AMD