Our Members are a valuable resource and want to help each other learn and succeed in both life and business journeys.  They share experiences, knowledge, best practices, business insights and expertise.
We are excited to welcome the following Companies to our Association:
Aerus Technologies, is a technology and Agile product management consulting company with a history of  building and scaling successful ideas all the way through the product life cycle.
Acquisent, transforms your organizations’ sales and marketing operations using data, technology and ABM to accelerate revenue growth.
Foretconnect Services Inc., focuses on understanding stakeholder expectations and maintaining clear and transparent communication with the team members.
Get More Sales, is a team of experienced growth strategists with a record of success for faster growth and more margin.
Homeview AI, helps your customers bypass choice overload by quickly leading them through a product selection process to narrow down choice to a personalized selection of products and to a purchase.
I4C, helps to solve both business and technical challenges by pairing exceptionally talented experts with the appropriate solution(s) designed to modernize and/or optimize your business and/or business processes.
Lauft, is a beautifully connected network of Smart WorkSpaces for those who require flexible, innovative and productive workspace.
Managemate, is a collaboration software that provides condo boards and property managers with the tools they need to centralize data, deliberate projects, and improve their efficiency while reducing stress and time loss.
Rubylife, is a global technology company that is home to the world’s most unique dating web sites.
Rudner Law, educates and advises employers and employees so they can understand their rights and obligations within their employment relationships, and to advocate on their behalf when they need to protect those rights.
Schooley Mitchell, helps organizations by creating and enabling the technology required for business transformation and growth.
Skymantle, helps organizations by creating and enabling the technology required for business transformation and growth.
TD Commercial Bank, takes the time to understand your business – then provides banking solutions that can help you achieve your business goals.
Triella, is a full-service technology consulting company, with in-depth knowledge of the legal sector.
ValueSTK, helps digital brands grow recurring revenues with personalized CX.
Vaughan Economic Development, works to make Vaughan a place where entrepreneurship, business, tourism, arts and culture prosper and grow.
Versant Solutions Group, empowers network operators to overcome the technology, time, resource, and capital budget challenges they face in making and implementing critical network upgrade decisions.