Our Members are a valuable resource and want to help each other learn and succeed in both life and business journeys.  They share experiences, knowledge, best practices, business insights and expertise.
We are excited to welcome the following Companies to our Association:
Channel Fieldcraft, is about igniting possibilities and building success stories through innovative thinking, deep problem-solving, and effective strategy execution.
Choucair Solutions, measures the adoption of your Digital Transformation and provides feedback to your business, so that you fulfill the dreams of your end users.
Connected Solution Experts, helps development teams struggling with code quality in tight modern agile environments by delivering proven automated software testing and performance engineering solutions so that the team can receive faster feedback and be confident their work is being continuously verified and tested.
GamePlan Marketing, is a B2B Digital Marketing Agency providing lead generation, content creation, marketing strategy and marketing services to technology companies.
Garabyte Consulting Inc., is a boutique data privacy consultancy.
Omega Network Solutions, are committed to becoming the premiere managed service partner for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.
Orion Assessment Services, implements audit programs for corporate, industry, international, and internal standards.
Reyem Tech, Pioneering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today, Fractional CFO. Our passion is the spark that ignites the extraordinary, turning ideas into reality and challenges into opportunities.
Skymantle, helps organizations by creating and enabling the technology required for business transformation and growth.
Silver Touch Technologies, is a leading and globally recognized IT Solution Provider and currently at the forefront of Digital Transformation & emerging Technologies to serve customers across the world.
Storage Guardian, provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for self-provisioning and monitoring across your backup repository.
Syntronic R&D Canada, is a leading engineering design house with more than 35 years of experience of working with development, production and aftermarket services as well as all the related support during the product life cycle.
The CQ Mindset, helps individuals and organizations improve their capability to function effectively in a cultural context – both internationally and domestically.
Town of Georgina, a lakeshore town in one of Canada’s fastest-growing economic regions, York Region, where residents, organizations and businesses work collaboratively with the municipality to create a well-connected and diversified economy poised for growth.
Vertex Health