Our Members are a valuable resource and want to help each other learn and succeed in both life and business journeys.  They share experiences, knowledge, best practices, business insights and expertise.
We are excited to welcome the following Companies to our Association:
adaleg IT, a community based IT training organization that helps individuals pursue a career in IT, providing them with the necessary skills, know-how, hands-on experience, and networking to leap into a career in High Tech.
Apex Capital Advisors, is a boutique investment bank and strategic advisory firm founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
Berardi Immigration Law, is a full-service business immigration law firm that provides top-notch services to corporate clients and individual business professionals.
CIO’s Beyond Borders Group, is a non-profit organization dedicated to IT leadership development and advisory.
DigiCrypts, is a technology company committed to unlocking the potential of disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions across various verticals.
Engineers Without Borders, unlocks human potential globally—collaborating with innovators across boundaries, consolidating our similarities, and learning from our differences.
GiveRise, an online P2P marketplace for fundraising – supporting charities and nonprofits across Canada.
Inquisitive Marketer, helps your sales and marketing teams work better together so you can sell more and grow faster.
Insightt, helps remove the barriers to innovation that real estate businesses face, by leveraging next-level technology, data and training.
IRM Consulting & Advisory, is a boutique Cybersecurity Consulting & Advisory firm obsessed with implementing security best practices to create a competitive advantage for SaaS Companies.
LawyersInHouse,  is a virtual law firm that provides a high level of in-house experience, practical business-focused advice, and cost-attractive legal services to companies of all sizes in diverse industries around the world.
Sunita Rao, a dynamic healthcare leader who enjoys the challenge of formulating win-win scenarios to ensure customer success while improving organizational productivity and efficiency.
Vladimir Orovic, focuses on planning and delivering complex, digitally and data driven, change programs and managing large-scale turn-arounds.